👋 Hi, there! You have reached Marc Bernard 😀

⁉️ Here are things people ask me the most…

I receive a lot of messages and can’t respond to all. Instead, here are some of my common answers that I think will help you.

Questions about me or my products

99% of the time, the answer to your question are available in one of the following links:

Questions about coding, technical topics, etc.

I encourage you to post your question to openly accessible sites like GitHub, SAP Community, or Slack. If you do so and send me the link, it’s more likely that I will take a look and answer you there.

Asking for advice, consult, mentor, coaching, sharing experience, figuring out stuff, etc.

I encourage you to use Google first or ask ChatGTP. It’s one of the most essential skills to find your answers on the internet that everyone should learn.

If you prefer to have a personalized, private consultation, advice, mentoring, or coaching, you can book a paid session with me here:

Consultation Session with Marc

Invitations to interviews, podcasts, join a community

I will consider your request. If I don’t respond after 72 hours, that means I’m not interested. Sorry.

Help promote your products, retweets, upvotes, etc.

If we don’t know each other and I don’t know about your product, I can’t help you with that. Sorry.

Provide feedback, validate your product ideas

You should ask your customer to provide feedback. Most likely, I’m not your customer, and my feedback is not going to help.

Hire me, collaborate with me

I’m an indie developer and bootstrapper. If I need help with something, I will find the right person or team myself.

I’m not looking for a job or any freelancing work (hopefully ever again).

However, I’m open for partnerships. Please send the details via DM or email. Thanks.

Still want to reach me?

If you are serious about contacting me, I have a paid consultation program where you can book a video call session with me. Check it in the link below:

Consultation Session with Marc

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Hello there, I’m Marc Bernard.

I quit my high paying job to work on ABAP open-source projects with a mission to make a living from my apps and live an independent life. 🌴

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